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Marko graduated from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA after immigrating to America from Europe. His passion has always been playing guitar and producing music. Marko has played in and produced countless Albums, TV Shows and Movies as both Musician and Actor before creating THE VATICANTS with Sheena.

Marko’s creative genius shines through in his brilliant musical abilities and original scores! His vision of blending the violin with modern instruments allows you to feel the passion, the soul, and the deep emotions in each of his original songs! His compositions empower magnificent balance of pure romanticism and raw affection, divine beauty and fierce power. Marko’s phenomenal expert technical control of his guitar is absolutely mesmerizing to watch!

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Beautiful performance and captivating stage presence is how you would describe international violinist Sheena G. when she takes the stage. During her classical music career, Sheena G. frequently performed as solo violinist on stage and television in her native country of China. She also recorded for movies, television, radio, and has been featured in many newspapers across the world.   Sheena has also performed with many symphony orchestras, and chamber music groups in China and U.S.A. She currently  performs classical violin and piano duo with The Mozart Twins.

Sheena G. comes full circle with THE VATICANTS as she adds the ultimate balance between darkness and light. After all: “Life IS all about balance”.




J.T. lays down the backbone groove for THE VATICANTS!  Making incredible melodic hooks for the soul with a deep sound is his mission.

The Puerto Rican-native’s creative style is a blend of jazz, rock, pop, hip-hop, funk, reggae(ton), salsa, and electronic grooves. JT has performed alongside and recorded for well-known musicians and bands, Including: Melted Vinyl, Madelin Rosene, Gary Brandon (White Sister), Freddie Santiago Campos, Jack Landry, Jomo Pemberton, Snow In Africa, Vozegata, Natalia Guzman & Capitan Fermin. 

J.T. is the master of deep tones that make THE VATICANTS rumble!

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Lamar “Thurderstix” Little is the master of heavy hitting time in THE VATICANTS.

With years of touring under his belt and a multitude of studio recordings, Lamar has assembled an enormous amount of experience which he brings to the band. Whether it’s soft Jazz or Thrash Metal, his memorable performances are sure to entertain all audiences. Lamar has shared stages with many well-known musicians and bands, such as Otep, The Pharcyde, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, and Robby Kreiger of the Doors,  Melted Vinyl, Madelin Rosene. Lamar completes THE VATICANTS not only in all aspects of time but brings heavy hitting grooves and riffs to beautiful melodies and riffs!

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